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The history of playing cards has a long history. Cards first appeared in East Asia and were made from bamboo, plants, and even ivory. Over the entire period of the existence of cards, both their appearance and the games that our ancestors played have changed. Today there are more than a thousand varieties of card games in the world, and here are the most popular of them.



One of the most popular casino games, Blackjack has a long history. The game originated from the Italian card game Thirty-one in the first half of the 15th century, and since then it has been a regular in gambling establishments. However, this game was not always popular. During the formative years of the United States, players were lured to the tables by force because they were so reluctant to change five-card poker for another game. However, a lot has changed since then. 


The popularity of Blackjack is also facilitated by the fact that players can use numerous strategies to increase their winnings. The card counting technique is the most used option, but in some casinos, it is banned and considered unfair.



Somewhere poker is played in a casino, somewhere at home, and somewhere whole championships and tournaments are held, where big cash prizes and cups are played. Poker is a relatively young game, it gained popularity only a couple of centuries ago, and the first mention of this type of entertainment dates back to the 16th century. 

The popularity of the game is due to the ease of rules. It all comes down to collecting certain card combinations, the one that has a higher rank than the opponent wins. Poker can be played for money, for desire or even for undressing, it all depends on the imagination of the players. One of the most popular types of poker is Texas Hold’em. In Hold’em, players are dealt two cards each, and the remaining five are laid out on the table and are “common” cards. The player needs to exchange two of his cards in such a way that, together with the cards on the table, a winning combination is obtained.

As poker evolved, more and more variations appeared. Nowadays you will see up to 10 popular poker types and each of them has unique features. 


Bridge has not received much popularity in Asian and Eastern European countries. However, in the world bridge is very popular. Bridge tournaments are even held because the complexity of the game is comparable to chess, which already says a lot about the game.

This game has a strict code of ethics against breaking the rules, and players must have a good memory and logical thinking in order to count on winning. There is a rubber and sports bridge. Rubber is played at home, and it is designed for four people, and in a sports bridge, several hands are played on two or more tables. The task of each pair is to get a better result than other pairs with the same cards.

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