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In blackjack, as in any other card game, success depends not only on luck but also on a well-chosen strategy. It is a strategy that increases the chance of winning and reduces the advantage of the casino over the player to 0.5%.

Basic Strategy

Many players avoid busting. Having received 12 points in their hands, they are afraid of the appearance of a ten. And this is quite justified. However, in the long run, passing is not the best strategy for playing the game. The fact is that by discarding cards, the player reduces the probability of winning by 4%.

For example, after the deal, the player has a six and a ten, while the dealer has a ten, i.e. potentially winning blackjack combination. In this case, the least painful outcome for you is the pass, since in this case, you return at least 50% of your bet. Using such a strategy, you can not only increase the chance of winning but also reduce the risk of losing the pot.

Double Down

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This blackjack strategy bears a direct resemblance to the Martingale strategy, which is used in roulette, sports betting and other gambling games. But if the Martingale is not effective enough in betting and roulette, then in blackjack the doubling game brings good results. The essence of the strategy is to double the bet after each lost hand and return to its original size in case of a win. 

Important Conditions to Know

When choosing this strategy, three basic conditions must be met:

  • Unlimited bet in the game;
  • The presence of an impressive financial reserve;
  • Consistency of a player.

As a result of the game according to the scheme of doubling the bets, the player is in the black even after three losses and only one subsequent win.

Hi-Lo System

The presented strategy is quite popular. Its advantage lies in efficiency and simplicity. The Hi-Lo strategy is to memorize and count the cards in the deck. All picture cards, including an ace and ten, are assigned 1 point, sevens, eights and nines – 0. After each deal, the player must make calculations, sum up, or calculate the values ​​​​assigned to the cards.

Depending on the result of the calculations, the player must make an appropriate decision. For example, if the count gives “+5”, then there are enough tens left in the deck. In this case, it makes sense to continue the game. In case the amount is negative, the best decision is to pass.

Strategy 1-3-2-6

Blackjack Strategies

This blackjack game scheme fully justifies its name. If the player has a “good hand”, it is necessary to increase the bet in accordance with the 1-3-2-6 algorithm. For example, the player’s bet is $1 and he wins. In this case, the next bet should be $3. If successful, you need to bet $2, and then $6. And here comes the intriguing moment – the player’s fifth bet should not depend on the outcome of the hand. Thus, the chain of moves is interrupted, and the next bet starts again with $1. Do not forget that you should return to the original bet after each loss.

The disadvantage of this strategy is the increased risk of losing the bank, but at the same time, it can bring a good profit.

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