3 Strategies to Use When Playing Slots

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Online slot machines are extremely popular today. They are valued for very simple game rules, a lot of bonuses, big wins and a variety of themes. Absolutely everyone can successfully play modern slots. To do this, you do not need to have special skills or knowledge – they are designed for any type of player. 

Usually, the majority of slots have a very high percentage of return, which guarantees a win after almost every spin of the reel. To make playing slots even more successful and exciting, you should use one of the following working strategies. They have been successfully tested by hundreds of players, so they can be trusted in the long run. 

Strategies to Use

Before we move to explain the strategies, it is necessary to point out that no strategy can guarantee 100% winnings all the time. We are talking about slots where an algorithm is used and only luck can decide the result. Because of that, you need to be careful.

Bet and Run

It is designed for those people who love gambling leisure and risk. When playing slots, only one bet of arbitrary size is made (here you need to build on the available budget). After spinning the reels, the slot changes to the next one, regardless of the result. In a short time with the bet and run strategy, you can try out many interesting slots and win a decent amount of money.

Bet and run is not the most commonly used strategy in slots, however, with proper usage, it can help you to collect notable profits. 

Up the Steps

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It is great for beginners and those gamblers who do not have the desire to spend a lot of money on the game. The round starts with the minimum bet. In case of a loss, it increases by exactly one unit, after a win, the bet size remains unchanged. According to the following strategy, the player smoothly rises to the upper limit of the slot, while increasing the amount of winnings. Losing all the money at once with an unsuccessful spin will not work.


Almost all gamblers have heard about it. The Martingale strategy works great on slot machines) and in other gambling games. It implies an increase in the size of the bet by 2 times after each unsuccessful spin. With it, only one winning round will allow you to recoup the costs and earn on top.

Martingale is also used in roulette. Whether you are playing French, European or American variations of the game, you can use the following strategy and apply the same concept as we have already discussed above. 

Should You Use Strategies?

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Playing without a certain plan, you will end up losing quite frequently. Does not matter which casino game we are talking about – strategies can significantly help you to avoid losses and at the same time maximize winnings. Hence, it would be advisable to use the abovementioned strategies when you decide to play slots. 

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