What is the Difference Between Licensed and Unlicensed Slots?

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Today, numerous online casinos operate in the online gambling industry. There are thousands of gambling platforms, new ones appear every day, and not always in such a variety of players can find those operators that are aimed not only at making a profit but also at a relatively fair game.

One of the signs that this is not a completely honest casino is the presence of unlicensed games in its assortment.

Dangers of Unlicensed Games

Unlicensed Slots

We will start with slots as an example. Any slot machine is created by the developer company in such a way that it is guaranteed to bring profit to the casino, but at the same time return to the players a certain percentage of the funds invested in the game in the form of winnings. Thus, both the interest of the players and the profitability of the casino are preserved.

In licensed slot machines, the percentage of theoretical return on the distance fluctuates around 90%. Of course, this does not guarantee that a particular player will definitely return at least 90% of the funds lost in the slot, but in theory, these funds will be used to win, maybe in a minute, maybe in a month.

Licensed Slots and Demo Games

It is important to understand that licensed slots do not guarantee winnings all the time, but still, there is a chance of one-time wins.

In unlicensed slot machines, the return percentage is artificially reduced, and players are even more disadvantaged. Such machines can return only 10-20% of the funds in the form of winnings or not allow winning at all.

Demo games should also be treated with caution. Some casinos specifically allow players to win slot machines for free, overestimating the return percentage in order to attract users to games for money.

How to Check Slot License?

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Modern developers transfer the rights to use slots to their partner casinos. But they continue to control the process of any game – slots are loaded from their servers, exchange data with them during each spin, the slot works according to the developer’s algorithm, and the casino does not affect this process in any way. The addresses of the developers’ servers are in the public domain, that is, the player can find out where this or that game should be loaded from.

If the game is loaded from the casino server or from an unknown source, most likely it is not licensed, the return percentage has been changed, and the casino itself controls the chances of winning.

Additionally, those casinos that are official partners, have the rights and permissions to provide licensed games to players can be indicated on the developer’s website. This can also be used as a test.

In conclusion, we add that even a licensed slot is a gambling game that can be dangerous for finances, especially if you win back or risk those amounts that you cannot afford to lose. Play responsibly, with an understanding of the consequences, or don’t play at all.

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